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Welcome to Athens Airways Virtual

Athens Airways Virtual aim, is first of all the fun and enjoyment of flights, and then to emulate a timetable that offers a variaty of destinations and aircraft types so every pilot can flight in the way he want. Athens Airways Virtual offers flights throughout Greece and Europe, from our hubs in LGAV & LGTS and soon from new hubs.
New flights from/to Dubai

Posted by Dimitrios Mylonakis on 03/18/2014

New flights from Dubai Int'l to Morocco, Soudan, Tunis, Luanda, Madagascar, Namimbia, Zimbambue, Nigeria, Ghana. Check them out in our flight shedule :) new routes expected soon from Dubai to whole Asia region, you will be informed soon.. HAPPY FLIGHTS GENTLEMEN :)


Posted by Dimitrios Mylonakis on 09/15/2013

New routes have been added from Hong Kong (ICAO:VHHH) & Sydney (ICAO:YSSY) & Singapore (ICAO:WSSS) & Cofru Island (ICAO:LGKR)


Routes from Hong Kong Int'l airport directly to Tokyo (RJAA,RJTT) to Osaka (RJBB), to Fukuoka (RJFF), to Hokaido (RJCH), to Hiroshima (RJOA), to Nagasaki (RJFU), to Chubu (RJGG), to Niigata (RJSN), to Oita (RJFO), to Sapporo (RJCC), to Sendai (RJSS) , to Beijing (ZBAA) to Melbourne (YMML), to Sydney (YSSY), to Adelaide (YPAD) to Perth (YPPH) to Brisbane (YBBN) to Port Moresby (AYPY) to Apia /Samoa (NSFA)

Routes from Sydney Int'l airport directly to Tahiti (NTAA), to Noumea / New Caledonia (NWWW), to Los Angeles (KLAX) to Honolulu (PHNL) 

Routes from Singapore directly to Sydney (YSSY), to Melbourne (YMML) 

Routes from Corfu Island directly to Paris (LFPG), to Rome(LIRF) to Kos (LGKO)

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